Design Matrix

Design Matrix

I used to think the beginning of a website design project was the best part. Hopes are high. People are full of great ideas. Nobody is disappointed yet. But as I gained experience, I found that learning about a client’s…

top 10 firefox addons

1. Adblock Plus. 2. Colorful Tabs. 3. ColorZilla 4. GMail Manager. 5. MeasureIt 6. Quirk Search Status. 7. Scrapbook 8. Session Manager. 9. Tabs Open Relative 10. XMarks.

Implementing Enterprise 2.0

Balancing social networking and community with collaborative tools and services


Social networking may sound fluffy, but it can translate into real benefits for you and your company. William Baker, a professor of marketing at San Diego State University, surveyed 1,600 executives and found that firms that rely heavily on external…


How to Manage To Do Lists

You’re often adding more tasks to your lists than you are completing them, so you feel like you’re not getting ahead. Here’s what to do…

Advanced SEO Techniques: Website Design, Internal Page Rank and Nofollow

Among the many advanced SEO techniques that most people fail to put into practice on their websites is an internal linking strategy that can be used to improve the way search engine spiders crawl your website, and also to optimize…

How to Lead Your Projects

The main difference between a leader and a manager is that a “leader” is responsible for setting the goals and motivating the team to achieve them. Whereas a manager is responsible for co-ordinating the work to achieve the goals set….

Convert to Pdf File online

Convert to Pdf File online

Very easy way to convert any world , excel or other file to pdf .